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SMC Golf League

SMC Golf League 2013

1. SMC, "the league," a 2-person team (men or women) golf league, will BEGIN PLAY on May 9, 2013 and end on September 5, 2013 (17 weeks). TEE TIMES start at 3:45 PM. PLEASE BE READY TO GO - EARLY!

2. MEMBER QUALIFICATIONS: Team members are employees of Stecker Machine Company and partners/subs can be relatives and/or friends.

The 2013 season league fees as of 5-2-13 will be greens fee only with the greens fee the responsibly of each player. The fee is $6.50, those with memberships for the season the cost is nothing. Please check in to pay or show your membership card before playing.

Each round is worth a total of forty (40) points broken down as follows:
TEAM POINTS - 4 points for the round.
INDIVIDUAL POINTS - 18 points per team member - Two points per hole per player.

TEAM POINTS: The team with the lowest combined net score with handicap will receive four (4) MATCH POINTS for the match. In case of a tie, each team will receive two (2) points.

INDIVIDUAL POINTS are awarded, on each hole, to the individual with the lowest net score. There are two (2) points available for each hole. If a player won every hole he would receive 18 points. In case of a tie each player receives one (1) point.

Individual points and team points are added together to determine TOTAL TEAM POINTS for Team Standings.

In 2013 there are 17 teams. Each team will golf against every other team once for 16 times playing. Because of the odd number of teams 1 team will get a bye each week where you will not golf, 16 times golfing plus 1 bye equals 17 week season.

There will be 2 divisions: the Legends and the Leaders. The top 4 teams in each division at the end of the season will be in the playoffs. In the event of a tie in the standings head to head meeting will decide the winner. If still tied go play 9 holes of golf and fight it out.

Round 1 of 9 holes will be the 1 place team against the 4 place team and the 2 place team against the 3 place team in each division. Round 2 of 9 holes will be the 2 winners of round 1 in their respective divisions against each other. Round 3 will be the winner of the Legends and the Leaders divisions for the league championship. The handicaps will not change between rounds. The date of playoffs is the following Thursdays or on dates the teams decide on. For the playoffs the team members should play: no substitutes unless voted on by the playoff teams.

5. Handicap of holes: the following is the handicapping of the holes with the highest handicapped hole first: 1-9-5-2-3-7-8-4-6

6. LEAGUE PLAY: "The Golf Rules"
6.1 All matches will be played under USGA RULES, which means the ball will be played down and as it lies at all times. You cannot touch the ball except as explained in local rule 6.2. USGA RULES will govern at all times except where a local or league rule takes precedence. If the course dictates "Cart Path Only" rules, then players can LIFT, CLEAN, AND PLACE the ball in your own fairway only.
6.2 IMPROVE LIE RULE: If your ball is in your own fairway and rests in a divot or in ground which may be considered under repair or within 4 feet of a tree, flowers or shrub, even if it is not properly marked, or in an "unfair" lie in a bunker, you may take a drop, nearest point of relief, no closer to hole, without penalty, only after notifying and receiving permission from your opponent. A bunkered ball must be dropped in the bunker unless if has standing water. If permission is not granted then the ball must be played as it lies. This is a judgment call by your opponent and cannot be appealed.
6.3 You may Tap down Bad SPIKE MARKS on the green with permission from your opponent. This is a judgment call by your opponent and cannot be appealed.
6.4 No putts for par or better may be conceded. Only bogie and higher putts of less than 2 feet may be conceded. Please, no exceptions.
6.5 The MAXIMUM SCORE on any hole is 10. A player may pick up on any hole and take a 10 score. If two opposing players take the maximum score on a hole, then the points for that hole are halved regardless if one opponent is getting or receiving strokes on that hole.
6.5 "The 4 Options Rule": Lost Ball / Unplayable Lie / Out of Bounds / Wooded Areas /Any Hazard
PENALTY: ADD 1 STROKE and use one of the following 4 options…
Option 1: Drop and re-hit from the same place as your previous shot.
Option 2: Drop 2 club lengths from the ball or point of entry, no closer to the hole.
Option 3: Keep the point of entry between yourself and the Flag and drop on this line, no closer to the hole, back as far as you want.
Option 4: Keep yourself between the point of entry and Your Previous Shot and drop on this line, no closer to the hole, back as far as you want.

Point of Entry: The last point where the ball crossed playable golf course - before becoming unplayable, OB, lost, or in a hazard or wooded area. If the shot never crosses playable golf course then take a 1 stroke penalty and rehit from the same spot. If the player and the opponents disagree substantially where to spot the point of entry, it can be a compromised spot agreed to by both sides. Make a decision and GO!
Unplayable Lie: A player at any time can declare his ball unplayable and use any of the 4 options.

Hole #9 option: from the white tee: if the 1 ball is hit into the water the player may at his option take a drop on the other side of the water, take a penalty stroke and hit 3 from there.

7.1 Each team must have at least one league member and a sub present to be a LEGAL TEAM. If only one member is present or no members are present see Rule 9.
7.2 Each TEAM consists of two (2) players, an A Flight, and B Flight, (team status), who play against the opposing teams player with the same status. The A Flight is the player with the lowest handicap. If both players from the same team have the same handicap a coin if flipped to see who is the A Flight and who is B Flight. Substitutes assume the position of the player they are replacing.
7.3 If a team or team member shows up late?? I don't know, hasn't happened yet.

8.1 There is No Maximum Handicap for the league.

8.3 Handicaps are calculated by taking the Average of the last 4 league scores MINUS Par. The average of the actual scores is rounded up.

8. 4 Scores Used for Handicap Purposes:
Week 1 and 2: A new league member's handicap will be their score from the night minus par. If you played the year before we will use last years average. Substitute players use this rule until they have 2 weeks in and establish an average score.
After week 3 and beyond you use the calculated average.

9. FORFEIT RULE ??????????????. A forfeit occurs WHEN BOTH members of a team fail to appear for their match and fails to secure a substitute player or fails to make arrangements for a make-up match (rule 10) with their opponents. The team that is there will play and receive 20 points. The team then can play par golf and each team member will receive 1 addition point for every hole they par or better with their handicap (for an addition 18 points total). If a team has only 1 team member the teams will play, #1 man vs #1 man and #2 man vs #2 man with the man with the absent player playing par golf receiving 2 point for each hole he pars or better with handicap for a total of 18 points. Team points will still apply.


11. SUBSTITUTE RULE. Securing a Sub is the responsibility of the absent league member or his partner. Subs handicaps are calculated using the same method as regular league members. (See Rule 8)

12. RAINOUTS / LIGHTNING. If the week is cancelled because of a rainout it is the responsibility of each group to make up their round sometime before the following Wednesday. If lightning is present, you are to immediately take the standard precautions prescribed for this condition.


Revision A 5-8-10: Handicap of the holes was 9-5-1-2-3-7-8-4-6

Revision B 6-1-10: added "Hole #9 option" rule.

Revision C 5-7-11: added playoffs

Revision D 5-1-12: added to rule 4: For the playoffs the team members should play:

No substitutes unless voted on by the playoff teams.

Revision E: 5-3-13: Added changes for 17 teams and additional playoff information.