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Appetizer Menu

Loaded Potato Skins - Crisp and flavorful fried potato skins topped with shredded cheddar cheese, bacon pieces, scallions, and sour cream. $5.95

Fried Green Tomatoes - Fresh green tomatoes, sliced, breaded in panko, and deep fried.Served with our bistro sauce. $5.95

The Foursome - Combination of grilled broccoli, jumbo onion rings, white cheddar cheese curds and boneless chicken wings. $10.95

Fr’Achos - French Fries topped with cheddar cheese, cajun seasoning, and bacon crumbles. Served with our BBQ aioli. $5.95

Boneless Chicken Wings - Regular, BBQ, or Buffalo boneless wings served with your choice of dipping sauce. 1/2 Dozen $4.95 | Dozen $6.95

Grilled Broccoli - Fresh broccoli seasoned, grilled, and accompanied with a side of roasted red pepper mayo. $6.95

Garlic Hummus Naan - Grilled naan bread and fresh vegetables served with our Garlic Hummus. $6.95

Smoked Wonton Sticks - Smoked string cheese, wrapped in a wonton, and deep fried. Served with our BBQ Aioli. $6.95

Choice of dipping sauces: BBQ, Buffalo, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Mayo, Bistro, BBQ Aioli, Roasted Red Pepper Aioli, or Sour Cream